Blue Lake Camp is a well-established summer camp located in the heart of Alabama. With a rich history, Blue Lake has been offering unique experiences and unforgettable memories to youth, young adults, and families from all over the region.

Despite their success, Blue Lake Camp sought to revitalize its brand image, establish a strong online presence, and launch a successful fundraising campaign to ensure its continued growth and reach.



Challenge 1:

Outdated Brand Identity

The camp's existing branding no longer resonated with its target audience, and they wanted a fresh, modern look that could showcase their values and unique offerings.

Challenge 2:

Ineffective Online Presence

Blue Lake Camp had an outdated website that did not reflect the camp's vibrant atmosphere, leading to decreased user engagement and reduced inquiries.

Challenge 3:

Fundraising Hurdles

To sustain and expand their programs, the camp needed successful fundraising campaigns that could effectively engage past and potential donors.



We analyzed the challenges and crafted a comprehensive strategy that addressed Blue Lake Camp's requirements, focusing on the following key elements:


Brand Identity Redesign

  • We conducted market research and met with staff to understand Blue Lake's unique value proposition.
  • Effective messaging and market strategy were implemented.
  • A new brand identity was developed using a family of logos and graphics, maintaining Blue Lake's traditional essence while incorporating modern design elements to appeal to younger audiences.
  • The updated logo, color palette, and visual guidelines provided a consistent brand representation across all marketing materials.

Website Development and Optimization

  • A user-friendly, responsive website was designed with a mobile-first approach, ensuring easy navigation and optimal user experience.
  • Engaging content, including vivid imagery and videos showcasing camp activities, was incorporated to evoke a sense of excitement and adventure.
  • Effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was implemented to capture organic traffic as well as show up in search results.
Flyer Mockup

Fundraising Campaigns

  • Tic Tac Toe Marketing worked alongside Blue Lake in creating an impactful giving campaign.
  • Custom graphics and a landing page on the website were created to distribute information and effectively convert donations.
  • Social media platforms were leveraged to spread the message, utilizing compelling visuals and storytelling to generate interest and shares.



Brand Reinvention

The new brand identity received overwhelmingly positive feedback from campers, parents, and staff. It resonated well with the target audience, resulting in increased interest and inquiries.

Website Development

The revamped website witnessed a substantial increase in traffic, and the user engagement metrics improved significantly. This, in turn, led to a rise in online registrations for the upcoming camp season.

Successful Fundraising

The fundraising campaigns proved to be highly successful. The email campaign and social media initiatives generated a substantial increase in donations from both past campers and new donors.



By implementing a well-rounded strategy encompassing brand redesign, website development, and effective fundraising campaigns, Tic Tac Toe Marketing successfully assisted Blue Lake Camp in achieving their objectives.

Blue Lake's enhanced brand image and online presence, along with increased donations, allowed them to continue their tradition of providing extraordinary experiences to young campers for years to come.