The Noise is Deafening


Marketing Messages Are Everywhere!

As Americans, we have 3,000-5,000 marketing messages in front of us every single day. We are so overstimulated that we barely recognize them anymore. The only way they catch our attention is if we are looking for a solution to a problem.


We Are Drawn to Clarity

Our subconsciousness is attracted to the products and services that are easiest to access and communicate the clearest. When marketing reaches us in these moments, and the product is right, we buy.

So, how can you position your organization so that it is in front of the right people at exactly the right time?



As a 501C3 organization, you qualify to receive a Google Ad Grant of up to $100,000 a year. You read that right. I promise — it is not too good to be true. In this mind-blowingly generous act, Google is giving nonprofits a leg up on being listed very highly in search results.

That means, that when you use your grant to create ads, and a user searches for “summer camp” or “retreat rental,” your organization gets displayed right in front of the people that actually need what you offer at exactly the time when they are ready to buy.

Why Choose Us?


Casey Fuerst

Casey Fuerst owns and operates Tic Tac Toe Marketing. Before starting this business in 2018, she worked as the Director/Marketing and Leadership Development for a summer camp and retreat center for 18 years.

Since then, she has provided marketing services to more than 20 different camping organizations. Casey will be providing content creation services for you so that the new traffic that comes to your site converts to leads and, ultimately, new users!


Jonathan Wofford

As an owner of small businesses for over 20 years, Jonathan understands small business growth struggles. That's how he knows the biggest growth hurdle for a small business is getting in front of the right people, at the right time. He took his experience from his first small business IT support company and went full nerd into website performance and Google advertising.

And he's got all the Google certifications to prove it. In his 14 years of running adword campaigns, he's specialized in helping companies in tough markets get in front of their ideal customers at just the right time. Can we say, #winning the click? One of his most fun campaigns generated $250k in sales in just 3 days in a highly competitive local market.

Because of our commitment to serve you at the highest level possible, we have a limited number of openings for this service.

What Can You Use a Google Ad Grant for?

When a user searches on Google, their search results are fed by algorithms that are tough to crack.


When you use Google Ads to rank for their search term, you automatically appear at the top of the list.


We'll create regular campaigns to keep you ranking high for any search term that will help drive the right traffic to your site. Consider how more traffic might affect these areas of your mission!

Your Brand Name

Your Mission Areas

Summer Camp

Retreat Rental

Your Custom Programs

Ropes courses
Hobby retreats
Women’s retreats
Men’s retreats
Youth programs

Your Events

Benefit Dinner/Gala
Golf Tournament
5K Run

Giving Opportunities

Special Campaigns
Giving Days

Volunteer Opportunities

Here's How it Works

  1. During our consult call, we'll explain how it all works and answer all of your questions. We'll also talk through projections and how you might use your grant.
  2. You sign a 6-month minimum contract and we'll get going right away to get the grant, and set up your campaigns.
  3. We'll do three campaigns in the first month to get you up and running, two in the second and third months, and one more each additional month as needed. We'll also meet monthly to prioritize ad spend and talk through results.

Google Ad Management Package

$2297 $1997 / Month

  • Secure Your Google Ad Grant
  • Manage Google Compliance Standards
  • Month 1: 3 campaigns
  • Month 2-3: 2 campaigns
  • Month 4+: 1-2 campaigns
  • Monthly Check-in
  • Monthly Dashboard Report
  • At the three-month mark, we’ll evaluate what traffic you are getting, how well your click throughs are converting and set goals for future development. At this point, we will also evaluate the package price to make sure you are getting what you need with it.