Whether for a single program or service or lots of moving pieces that builds on various areas of work, Tic Tac Toe Marketing creates easy-to-read and use plans that help you meet your goals.

Most camp and retreat leaders, like yourself, spend time setting annual goals. You share those goals with your teams and everyone works hard in their own area to try to affect the outcome.

Sometimes you reach those goals and sometimes you don’t. More often than not, you may not even be clear about the reasons for your success or failure. When this is true, you are making guesses as to what you should or shouldn’t do in the future.

You can do so much better! Imagine what you could be doing if you had a strategic, comprehensive marketing plan. You could more consistently reach those goals and, perhaps, even make them bigger!

Our Proven T3 Marketing Blueprint Method

The T3 Marketing Blueprint® is a proven method to plan comprehensive, strategic marketing activities. It includes three stages:
1. Determining your TARGETS
2. Establishing your TEAM
3. Map your TACTICS.

Each stage will guide your organizational leadership in planning marketing activities that will help you reach your goals.


Here's How it Works

Works Best In-Person

Over two days, we'll work together with your leadership team to do comprehensive marketing plans. Typically, this works best at your site.

Four Areas of Mission

You can count on accomplishing three areas of mission. Most of the time, we can do four within our two-day time frame!

Your Marketing Plan

You'll get your marketing plan delivered as an editable word file within a week of our time together.

Here's What Other Camp Leaders Have to Say ...

Travis Aufderheide

Green Lake Bible Camp

“Within the first year, our retreat income increased by 10% and we are already on track to exceed our goals for year two. Working with Tic Tac Toe Marketing was absolutely the right choice. Tic Tac Toe Marketing helped us realize true results. The good news of the work we are doing is spreading faster than we could have hoped for. As a result of her expertise, we’ve also been able to adopt new best practices for our team and our marketing efforts. Now we can continue to share our mission with purpose and direction with confidence and the results have been tremendous!”

Maddie Elliott

Luther Crest

Luther Crest was about to experience the largest transition that the organization had seen in over 15 years. With an outgoing Executive and Program Director, the organization needed to focus inward on strategy and mission to move forward. That was going to take our staff's time and energy. We needed help bridging this transition and we needed help that would match our organization's culture, commitment, and striving for excellence. Tic Tac Toe Marketing was the team for the job. Casey and Carter were dedicated partners who provided us with just what we needed! They offered us tailored marketing plans and strategies and never let communication at Luther Crest slip through the cracks. We couldn't have crossed this bridge without Tic Tac Toe!

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  • Mapping your Registration Process
  • Sample Summer Camp Website Landing Page
  • Brochure Content Outline
  • Unique Camper Recruitment Ideas
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