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A Crisis at Camp Can Derail Your Mission

Crisis is anything that causes a disruption or negative change in your stakeholders' view of the work you do.

Crisis in camps can cause massive fallout to participation, financial support, staffing, and more.

Having a crisis at your camp might be inevitable. Are you ready to respond confidently and appropriately?

Crisis at Camp Might be...

Weather Event


You need to be prepared to share your safety protocols and communicate quickly.

Accident or Injury

Accident or Injury

Your constituents will want to what happened.



From challenges to mismanagement, your stakeholders need transparency and consistent communication.

Sexual Misconduct


You can't afford to not handle this issue well. Your camp's reputation and mission is at stake. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


How others react to your DEI policies and practices can become a crisis if not managed well.


Travis Aufderheide

Green Lake Lutheran Ministries

"When our LGBTQIA+ inclusion policies and practices became the impetus for an online hate campaign, my first instincts were to protect our campers and staff. Camp should be a safe place in the midst of a hateful world that harms this community every day, and when the hate and vitriol on social media was directed at our staff members, I feared for their safety - physical and mental. Because my focus was on the staff and campers, it was so helpful to have Casey step in and guide the communications. We needed messages that were clear. That started with making sure our board was aligned, then crafting releases, statements, emails, and phone scripts that put a strong, crystal clear statement out again and again. It was also really helpful, as an executive director, to have an ally by my side helping me to feel more confident in my actions. Casey helped me to quickly see who I needed to be talking to and who I didn't - this saved me a lot of time and heartache" - Travis Aufderheide, Green Lake Ministries"


Jason Gerdes

Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries

"Casey created our crisis communications plan for us years ago and it is our go-to resource when anything happens that requires strong communications. From campers uncovering a human skull in the creek bed (it was really really old) to a mumps outbreak, this document has helped us communicate thoughtfully and consistently."

We Can Help You Manage Crisis

Camp leaders are known for being the best kind of generalists. You wear so many different hats and do it well. You are truly a unicorn in the world of leadership.

While you are likely VERY competent at communicating, managing a crisis can be a challenge that requires some help. Having an expert, objective set of eyes and ears supporting you and providing advice and guidance along the way is critical.

Tic Tac Toe Marketing CEO, Casey Fuerst, has been working with camps for more than 20 years. She has led crisis communication as both an internal employee and as a consultant. From mumps outbreaks to sexual misconduct and online hate campaigns, Casey has guided leadership staff and board members through crafting the right messaging, communicating with the right people, and showing up in the right ways.

Here's How it Works

NEW in 2023: Because we get many calls each summer asking for help with crisis communications, we are implementing a new program so we can best support those we serve.


IMPORTANT NOTE: With this new program, we will only do live crisis communications for camps who have done our crisis communications plan.

Create Your Crisis Communications Plan

We have a plan and you need it! We'll collect your information and put it into our templated plan. The process is simple and important.


By going through this process before summer 2023, you become eligible to use our Crisis Communications services when/if you need them. 


The cost - $750 one-time fee. We do a 60 minute zoom to collect your information then create a plan that will give you an overview of what to do in the event of crisis.

Train Your Teams

Using your Crisis Communication Plan, you will train your teams (year-round and summer) annually so that if a crisis hits, everyone knows their role.


If you want us to lead this training, no problem - there is a $500 add-on fee for a 60 minute session with your leadership team, board, and/or summer staff!

LIVE Crisis Communications

If a crisis hits, you need to know that you have people you can immediately reach out to and activate.


For camps who have done their crisis communications plan with Tic Tac Toe Marketing, you will have access to us for support in an actual crisis. 


Costs for this services start at $2500.


Your Crisis Communications Plan

NEW in 2023: We will only do live crisis communications with camps who have done a crisis communications plan with us. This is a one-time fee of $750.


Your plan will include:

  • Crisis Communication Plan Overview
  • Immediate Response: Hour-by-Hour Objectives & Checklist
  • Day 2 and Beyond Objectives & Checklist
  • Messaging Considerations
  • Audience/Stakeholder Identification
  • Defining Roles on Your Team
  • Key Message Template
  • Phone Message Log
  • Sample Media Inquiry Response

Not sure if this is right for you, schedule a call to learn more and talk it through!