Summer Staff Hiring is Harder Than Every Before!

And, since you don't have more staff and more time to do the job of recruiting, you need to be smarter about your strategic recruiting plan!

We've created this simple online course to help you ramp up your strategy. As we created it, we were very intentional about making sure:

• the course is simple to use and understand.

• the course content is essential to your recruitment strategy.

• you have what you need to share your plan with those you report to.

Here's What You'll Gain from this Course...

  1. Understand what a healthy hiring funnel should look like.
  2. Define the number of people you need at each phase of your funnel.
  3. Name the audiences for each phase of the funnel.
  4. Create a document to track your results.
  5. Get coaching to help you fill in the gaps and define your next steps!

Here's How it Works

Access the Course

Use the link below. Sign up and follow the simple steps to get into the course. 

Do the Work

Go through each of the trainings with your team. Fill in the blanks on your template. This should take 1-2 hours.

Set Up Your Coaching Call

Send us your filled out template and we'll schedule a call to help you fill in the gaps and plan your next steps!


About Tic Tac Toe Marketing

Tic Tac Toe Marketing has been creating marketing plans and helping camps live them out for 7 years. The team has been creating marketing for camps for a combined 25+ years!



Blue Lake Camp

"I appreciated that the content was super clear and to the point. I liked that the videos were shorter. They kept my attention well, and I retained the information better. 

The hiring funnel is a really helpful visual that makes it easier for me to wrap my head around what my goals are for finding leads. I also appreciated the examples you gave. 
I think the part I liked best is the documents you included for download. I LOVE a resource that I can download, scribble on, keep things organized with, and also tweak to fit my needs if needed. I especially like the spreadsheet, I will be using that this season in some form or fashion."